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I used to go to school with Sarah. I only found out about her works and untimely death by logging into Friends Reunited. I just want to say that I remember her as my first 'girl' (as in female) friend. Somewhere I still have photographs of us in Cowboy and Indian attire for my 10th Birthday party(I am now 30). I lost touch with her when I left Shenfield and had no idea what she was doing. In secondry school we were in different classes and I was not a friend as such, but we shared some good times, as children, together. We have a small convieience store in Kelvedon Hatch, I must have been there 5 times in the past 10 years. I often thought of Sarah as I walked past her old house (and Simon with his Drum practice). I guess this is not the sort of stuff you want to here about, but she was a great kid.

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Sarah Kane discussion. It is for friendly discussion on any aspect of Sarah Kane and her work, as well as contemporary theatre.

I could imagine discussions on specific plays and performances, as well as the merits of translations, memories of Sarah, trying to arrange resources for new performances or readings of her work.

Personally I would like it if there were two (at least) groups of people who will enjoy the discussion: - people who know a reasonable amount about Sarah Kane´s work and want to discuss it in more detail - and people who have only just heard of her, or maybe have just read or seen a play, and are interested in reading more.

If you want to introduce yourself that is interesting for other people. But if you want to dive straight into a discussion or start a new one that is also great. Let´s see how it goes.


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