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Metamorphosis in Saskatchewan, Canada
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2024, 06:57:53 PM »
Greystone Theatre present Steven Berkoff's Metamorphosis from 20- 23 March 2024. It is on at the Emrys Jones Theatre, John Mitchell Building, University of Saskatchewan.

The director is Natasha Martina and the cast are Jonny MacPherson (Mr. Samsa ), Gillian Garvie (Mrs. Samsa ), Piper Nordell (Gregor), Emily Pitters (Greta ), Siyam Hassan (Clerk) and Kaeleigh Folk (Lodger).

"Metamorphosis highlights many themes including: identity; desire to revolt but constrained by familial duties; gender roles; mental health; and transformation. What really intrigued me about this play was the central premise associated with how one’s job defines who they are; or stated in the form of a question, is there more to life than our profession? Transformation is a part of life’s natural course; but at issue here is the degree to which one can consciously choose their own path as opposed to being forced – day in, and day out – to do something, anything, merely to survive".

Are details are on the university site click here
For more on Metamorphosis click here