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Re: True life violence- Bob
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 Hey there

Don't know whether it's too late, but the book in which that's quoted is In Yer Face Theatre by the one and only Alex Sierks.

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Re: True life violence- Velvet
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hi there - don't know about the book extract, but here's a link to an interesting reflection by Dominic Dromgoole in the New Statesman about 'theatre as true news' and the 'realism' of sarah's take on events in bosnia - which at the time, wasn't recognised - especially by the media:

sorry the link's so complex! dromgoole has also written a book about contemporary playwriting called 'the full room' (methuen), which may expand on these ideas further. haven't read it, so not sure.


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True life violence- Bob
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Hi. I'm writing a paper on Sarah Kane and the media's rection to the violence within her plays. The angle I'm going for, among others, is that anything she wrote about acts of violence that exisited in real life, so therefore the media was reacting to real events in an unreal setting. The only problem is the extracts to use. One in particular is proving a problem. I wanted to quote the story that Sarah had given in the interview with Seirz in which she had read the book Among the Thugs. The story that involves the undercover policeman and that provided the basis for Ian's blinding in Blasted. But I have had some problems locating the specific story in the book. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this. Thanks a lot, Bob

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