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The Island


Iain Fisher:
Court Theatre, the professional theatre of the University of Chicago, present The Island.  The director is Gabrielle Randle-Bent.  It runs from 11 Nov- 4 Dec 2022.  More details are here

Lantern Theatre Company present The Island from 17 May- 10 Jun 2012.  The directed is Peter DeLaurier.

"The Island is Robben Island, South Africa's notorious prison, where John and Winston are political prisoners and cellmates. After absurdly grueling days laboring under the sun, they return to their dark cell to rehearse a makeshift performance of Sophocles' play Antigone. Winston takes the part of young Antigone, who defies the laws of the state for the sake of her conscience. John takes the part of Creon, the king, who is so desperate to hold onto power that he will crush any dissent. Rehearsals in the cramped cell will test their friendship and strain their resilience in this gripping, vivid portrait of apartheid-era struggle. Undeniably moving and surprisingly funny, this modern classic by Tony Award-winners Athol Fugard, John Kani, and Winston Ntoshona celebrates hope, passion, and the strength of friendship."

There are special events:
25 May 2011: Directors: In Conversation
27 May 2011: Artists: In Conversation
8 Jun 2011: Artistic Director: In Conversation

Details are here:


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