Author Topic: Julian Sands on Ken (and Derek Jarman)  (Read 1574 times)

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Julian Sands on Ken (and Derek Jarman)
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Julian Sands who played Shelley in Ken's Gothic gives a short interview with interesting observations on Derek Jarman and Bowie.  On Ken he says

"Yeah, I loved working with Ken, knowing it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. You know, he could be quite volatile, and he was very quick to express his displeasure. But I thought he was a great genius, really. The energy and the imagination Ken had, and his volition to get his films made… Although towards the end it was very difficult for him to get his films made. But he was such an individual and had such a unique vision and sensibility. He did everything on the set and was so involved in every aspect of film-making beyond just operating the camera. He was a real artist, you know?

He’s generally thought of as sort of this brute, with this bruising, in-your-face imagery, but some of it is sensitive and beautiful, and I think that comes through from what he really wanted to do as a young person, which was to be a ballet dancer. So even when his work is at its most aggressive, there is a sensitivity and a beauty and a feeling which reflects the kind of powerful muscularity of ballet as well as its extraordinary grace."

The interview is by Will Harris in the Decider website on 18 Dec 2019.  The link is here