Author Topic: "Ducky" and the NYC New Dramatists connection- John Nesci  (Read 12384 times)

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"Ducky" and the NYC New Dramatists connection- John Nesci
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Out of nowhere, I got an e-mail from Jess Cully today. My head is still spinning. Yes, I was a friend of Sarah's. I called her "Ducky", she called me "Tinker". I loved her dearly and tend to think in her own way she loved me too. Even though I'm a straight male in his mid 50s. She once said I was one of the scariest and funniest actors she'd worked with.

For years in the 90s, I worked with the New Dramatists group in NYC. Yeah, she used to escape to New York and always had a room to live in and write in. And a space to develop and workshop her plays in progress. I didn't know who the UK theatre critic Jack Tinker was, so I had no preconceptions of this "character" she had in mind when she asked me to help create it. For several weeks a director (I believe it was Liz Diamond), several actors and an empty black space. We'd improvise scenes and Sarah would write and giggle. Then we'd get together the next day with some new text. That's how I became Tinker, and the work became "Cleansed". I never saw an actual production of it.

I seem to be one of the few Yanks posting on this message board. That'll give you some idea of the state of the Arts and the theatre in particular in the US. It's deplorable.

Ducky could never come to grips with the idea that since she felt her plays were about hope, most everyone else thought they were about despair.

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