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Master Harold... and the boys in USA


Iain Fisher:
Idaho Repertory Theatre present Master Harold...and the Boys from 5- 14 July 2024.  The play is directed by Baron Kelly.

"Fugard's searing coming-of-age story, loosely based on his own experience in South Africa, concerns the changing relationship between a white teen and the two Black men who work as waiters in his mother’s tea room".

For the theatre website click here

For more on the play click here

Iain Fisher:
The Irish Classical Theatre Company in Buffalo present Master Harold... and the Boys from 16 Nov- 3 Dec 2023.

The director is Aaron Mays and the performers are Sam Fesmire, Roderick Garr and Gerald Ramsey.

"I think playwright Athol Fugard does something quite remarkable with this play. By acknowledging that some of the difficult moments in this piece are reflections on his own actions as a young man growing up in apartheid South Africa, and his willingness to examine his own role in inheriting and upholding the hate and intolerance of that environment, Fugard opens the door of humility and self-reflection. “Master Harold”…and the Boys centers both a tenderness and an ugliness that we may not otherwise choose to dwell on, particularly because of how vulnerable we might feel if we recognize traces of either in ourselves".

For more on the production see the theatre website here
For more on Master Harold click here


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