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Material hunting!


Hi Iain,

thank you so much for your prompt reply. I've sent you an email using the address on the link..I hope you've received it.  :)


Iain Fisher:
Hi Enrica,

I am jealous you are doing a thesis on Berkoff, and you are doing it in Venice.

Three Theatre Manifestos is not available.  I suggested a while ago to Steven that he make them available on the site (this one or the official one).  I will ask him again.

Shakespeare's Villains was available as a CD but is now sold out.  If you email me I might be able to lend you a copy.

Best wishes


Hi everyone,

I am an Italian post-graduate student of Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Venice and I am writing my final dissertation on Steven Berkoff's theatre. I've been searching for weeks a way to get his Three Theatre Manifestos (1978) and the cd of Shakespeare's Villains but I cannot find them anywhere. Can anybody help me? Is there any chance to buy or to borrow them somewhere?

Thank you very much!  :)



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