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Berkoff on anti-Semitism


Iain Fisher:
The Telegraph of 23 Jan 2009 has an article "The British are anti-Semitic says Steven Berkoff"

Berkoff is quoted as saying Berkoff "has claimed that [the British} people are inherently anti-Semitic."
Specifically in theatre "There is an inbuilt dislike of Jews... Overt anti-Semitism goes against the British sense of fair play. It has to be covert and civilised. So certain playwrights and actors on the Left wing make themselves out to be stricken with conscience... They quite like diversity and will tolerate you as long as you act a bit gentile and don't throw your chicken soup around too much. You are perfectly entitled occasionally even to touch the great prophet of British culture, Shakespeare, as long as you keep your Jewishness well zipped up."


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