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Major tour of Australia


Ingrid Gang:
Lucky Australia, indeed!
I experienced Steven Berkoff last night at the National Theatre in Melbourne and was just as enthralled as the first time I saw him - in the same theatre, performing the same "The Tell-Tale Heart" - back in 1982. This time I had my daughter with me, who was equally enthralled by his magic on stage. This will inspire me as much as I was inspired the first time. Steven Berkoff was, is and will always remain for me the ultimate performer. I have never seen anyone on stage that can quite match how he reaches for and touches the audience.

Iain Fisher:
Steven Berkoff tours Australia with One Man from August to October 2008.

One Man consists of two short solo plays: Tell Tale Heart and Dog.

The venues are: Newcastle, Hobart, Wollongong, Parramatta, Melbourne, St. Kilda, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Frankston, Adelaide and Wellington.  Details are here

Lucky Australia!!!


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