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Berkoff on Food


Iain Fisher:
A video of Berkoff in Edinburgh promoting the book.

Iain Fisher:
Steven Berkoff was at the Edinburgh festival (not a suprise, he is there every year).  This time it was staging On The Waterfront, and promoting his book My Life in Food.

"Born to a Jewish family in London’s East End in 1937, Berkoff told the packed-out RBS Main Theatre that he had “fallen in love with simple dishes,” particularly the borscht soup common to Eastern and Central Europe.

"Many of the foods that are revered in the Jewish delicatessen come from deprivation,” said Berkoff, before moving on to quote passages from his My Life in Food book that enthusiastically extol the virtues of the tomato or relate the tale, in vivid detail, of dining alone one September night on the French Riviera.  If he is bidding to add gourmand to the many feathers in his cap, this is an impressive effort."

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