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Hey Jess, this is Eugenia, but I can answer your question. Cleanced was up in a great production 3 years ago (you can actually see photos in this site, check it out). There was a big fuss about the production and a big thing in the theater cycles for a long time. The night I saw it a few people left the theater and when it was over the people who had watched wouldn't leave the theater! A year later Crave was produced, which I did not see, but I know that it was done as a monologue and I heard it was great. best, eu

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Couldn't agree more Helen, have the rights been decided yet? Have any of the plays been performed in Greece?

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Well Greek theatre was turned into a batterfield this year. The cause was this exceptional young girl soon to be well nown through out the world. Name: Sarah Kane. Allmost everybody wanted the rights of her plays. Unfortunatellyt she is no longer with us to write theatre, to play theatre, to teach theatre. But fortunatelly theatre is still here for her and for us. And that is the bet of art winning over death more than Jesus.

PS Thanks Ian for this page.

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