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Hi Sarah,

An interesting subject. Two books may help:

Aleks Sierz´s excellent book In-Yer-Face Theatre has a very good chapter on Sarah Kane for example “an example of her insight [into male psychology] is the way Ian manages to control Cate by making her feel guilty”

Heidi Stephenson and Natasha Langridge´s Rage and Reason has a good interview with Sarah Kane “…I´m not writing about sexual politics. The problems I´m addressing are the ones we have as human beings”.

Some of the links (on the links page) may help, but few of them go into any depth.

If you are looking for comparisons, what about Caryl Churchill´s work, especially Cloud Nine “Churchill´s overt examination of Sexual Politics as a metaphor for social criticism, gender exploration, and even race relations asks audiences to decipher meaning from a play which denies conventional narrative and traditional character development” (there is a good site source of information on Churchill here )

Hope this helps. Does anyone know of other articles or links that may help Sarah?


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There's a book called "Love Me or Kill Me" by Graham Saunders. It can be purchased through if you can't get it in a library. It is an essential book! I did a major thesis last year on Blasted, Phaedra's Love, and 4.48, and I found it very useful. Also, there another book by Aleks Sierz, called "In Yer-Face Theatre." That one's good too. Also, in Stephenson and Langridge's book "Rage and Reason: Women Playwrights on Playwriting" there's an interview with Kane. But the best book is Saunders'. Also, check out some on-line newspapers and journals. Hope this helps.

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hei kersten, i was wondering what material you finally managed to collect? and if you managed to get a few hinters from sarah's essay?

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Hi Sarah! I've just started my thesis on the problem of gendering in Kane's plays. I'm still on the very beginning of my search for literature. Could you possibly recomment anything to me? I would also be interested in your essay on sexual politics! If you wouldn't mind me quoting some of your thoughts in my thesis you could send it to me. my e-mail is: ***@***.*** I'd really appreciate your help! Love, Kerstin

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Hello, i am also trying to write a paper about Sarah Kane and was wondering if you would be able to direct me towards any sources that you used in your paper. If you might be able to helpe me in any way please send me an e-mail at ***@***.***

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