Author Topic: Keith Moon meets Oliver Reed for Tommy  (Read 1300 times)

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Keith Moon meets Oliver Reed for Tommy
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How true stories are invented.

How Keith Moon met Oliver Reed for Ken's Tommy
"Peter Butler, Moon’s trusty battle-hardened companion, remembers flying with [Moon] towards the gates of Reed’s dastardly domain. “All I can remember,” he vaguely recalls, “Is flying in by helicopter and Oliver Reed out on his rooftop with this 12-ball shotgun, just going blam, blam! We were scared, Keith was scared, and I was too... Most scared out of everyone, however, was no doubt the beleaguered pilot of the helicopter who had merely been chartered in the morning for what he thought was a routine trip above the picturesque realm of the old English countryside. Now, he was having to dip and weave the run-around chopper like some Hollywood Apache to avoid a half-dressed renowned British thespian from plucking them out of the sky with an unceasing onslaught of fire"

This is by Tom Taylor from Far Out on 1 Oct 2021 here

Compare with
"At lunchtime Keith decided to drop into Ken Russell’s office and mentioned that he’d like to meet Ollie before they started filming, Ken immediately got on the phone to Ollie and suggested a meeting, Ollie invited us to Broome Hall afternoon so we were off to Battersea Heliport where we boarded a helicopter to take us there.   We arrived on his front lawn shortly afterward, unfortunately frightening his pregnant horses,  Ollie was standing there in the doorway holding two-pint mugs whisky for us.   He was a charming host and invited us to stay for dinner!"
This is from Dangerous Minds 21 Jan 2011 here