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Iain Fisher:
The Road to Mecca is on at the Studio Theatre, Salisbury on 22 Sept 2023.  This is an acted play-reading, directed by Barney Norris.

"Arguably South Africa’s greatest playwright, Fugard set this play in a small village in the Karoo and touches on the artistic urge to be creative in spite of opposition, the friction between the Afrikaans and English speakers of the time (1980s) and a deep and supportive friendship.

It will be a rehearsed reading with props and lighting and is free and open to all. Donations for the upkeep of the theatre in these challenging times will be welcome"

The theatre website is here
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Iain Fisher:
Weathervane Productions presents The Road to Mecca at Z Below from 4- 30 Jun 2023.
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fugard listings:
Living Light Theatre present Master Harold... and the Boys in the Lyceum Theatre, San Diego from 11- 20 May 2012.  Austyn Myers directs and Shaun T. Evans plays Sam and Vimel Sephus plays Willie.

"This wonderful piece is set in the racially divided South Africa of apartheid. It centers on a white teenage boy and his relationship with his two black servants. The shadow of racism and bigotry as it is passed down through generations then absorbed into one's culture without ever deliberately choosing to accept it; looms over the three as the future of their friendship comes into question in a moving and powerful narration that only Fugard could deliver. Moving deftly between comedy and tragedy, this story celebrates the light of the spirit within each of us, and the courage to choose love. Of all of his plays, none is more personal than Master Harold and the Boys because it relates to a boyhood incident of his which haunted him for years until he tried to atone by writing this play in 1982."

Details are here:

Iain Fisher:
Community Actors Theatre in San Diego present Master Harold from 8- 30 Oct 2011.

"The heart wrenching story of a young White student who is caught up in emotional turmoil, makes perhaps, the inescapable move from innocence and childhood to poisonous bigotry."

More details here

Iain Fisher:
From a review by Shirle Gottlieb, 6 Jul 2011 in

"Although Athol Fugard wrote “Master Harold ... and the boys” three decades ago, this bittersweet slice of life is as powerful today as it was when apartheid reigned over South Africa.

The mere form of its title (“Master Harold” in capital letters, “...and the boys” in lower case) tells us this play is another study in Fugard’s ongoing stance against racial injustice. After a long list of world-renowned works, Fugard’s name is synonymous with equality and human dignity...."

"Set in 1950 in an immaculate Tea Room on a stormy afternoon, the plot revolves around Hally (a white teenage student, the son of the owners) and his close relationship with its two black waiters...."

"Through a lot of back-and-forth banter (all loving and light-hearted), we learn how close the three have been for the past decade. They reminisce about the past when Hally ran to them for safety from his abusive, drunken, bigoted father. Though Sam never went to school, Hally taught him how to read; so they share hours together in playful intellectual discussion..."

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