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Crave / Royal Court Season- Jess Cully
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2007, 11:25:19 PM »
Just come from Crave at the Court, quite different from the original production. The two survivors, Alan Williams and Ingrid Craigie, pretty much reprise their (brilliant) 1998 performances, but the newcomers, Eileen Walsh and Andrew Scott, add a new dimension. Eileen's mid to late 20s C is surly, just occasionally letting a little bit of anger out, and never smiles, in direct contrast to Sharon's. While Paul's B was deadpan and kept it all in, Andrew's is highly excitable, given to outbursts of passion throughout the play. (My only regret is his two lines in Serbo-Croat have been cut - surely he could have got his tongue round them?)

Another interesting difference is while in 1998 the cast faced front most of the time, now, for many parts of the play, A and C do actually face, and talk to, each other, as do B and M - going with the couples theory.

Glad I've seen it staged both ways, and congratulations to Vicky Featherstone for having the courage to do it differently - and for keeping the device she used last time of having one of the characters drink a glass of water while the other couple are talking.

That concludes my Royal Court season, massive thanks to Graham Whybrow for putting it on and to everyone involved in the productions, they really were superb. (And to Channel 4 for completing the Sarah experience by showing Skin a few weeks ago!)

Now I only hope it isn't too long before I get to see her work again. Perhaps Simon and Mel might consider taking her pre-Blasted stuff out of mothballs? Alas, wishful thinking I'm sure...

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