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Title: seen Blasted? alice
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hi. I'm currently working on an essay which looks at the presence of feminism and feminist theory in Blasted. I know that Kane never claimed to be a feminist,so i'm really intrigued into how Blasted is interpretted onstage. I'd like to ask those who've seen the play if any feminist elements were injected into the performance, or if it was made clear that there is no place for feminist theory in such a piece. I'd love to read your views. Many thanks, alice.

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Title: Re: seen Blasted? Patrick
Post by: archive on August 23, 2007, 08:06:49 PM
well, I've seen Blasted in Bonn/Germany and I think that the whole play is in a way feminist as it treats power relations between men and women... Kate far from being as naiv as she seems in the beginnen becomes more and more powerful throughout the play, expressed in Bonn by the change of her voice (from a high, hysterical one to a rather powerful, male one)

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