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East in Salford UK


Iain Fisher:
Steven Berkoff's East is performed in the Kings Arms Theatre, Salford on 19 Jul 2023.

"Ever wondered what Shakespeare would have written had he grown up in the smingy East End of London in the early 1970’s? EAST shows us that world through the eyes of an everyday family infested with a heady culture of rage, regret and lust in a world of pleasure palaces, casual racism, gin, Crossroads and ultraviolence".

The actors are Roisin McCusker (Sylv), Adam Gardiner (Mike), Taran Knight (Les), Dale S Vicker (Mum) and Luke Richards (Dad).  The director is Liam Grunshaw and the producer is Gareth Kavanagh.  It is a ROOM 5064 and SILENT JUDGE production.

For more details see the Kings Arms site click here.
For more on East click here


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