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Berkoff at the Jewish Cultural Centre


Iain Fisher:
More Berkoff news: Steven writes in current The Spectator magazine (1 Sept 2007).

The article is titled "Kill him, Jimmy! A night at the cage fight" and is about Berkoff's visit to a cage fight.

Talking of the audience he writes "The arena was just a quarter full at this stage with the flotsam and jetsam of the Brit world.  A few were 'dressed' for the occasion in leather with cut-off sleeves, some with punk hairdo's and Essex bids yapping on the mobile. I said a quiet prayer of thanks that at least I wasn't sitting with the hoi polloi but in the posh seats at the front"

Iain Fisher:
You can see Steven Berkoff at the launch of his new book My Life in Food.
He will be at the London Jewish Cultural Centre TODAY Wed 7 Sept 2007.

Details are here



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