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Mark Kermode on The Devils
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2010, 12:23:34 AM »
"What’s your most prized VHS or DVD in your collection?

I’ve got Ken Russell’s directors cut of The Devils which Warner have still yet to release. We did a restoration of it back about five or six years ago now and they’re still too scared to release it so that’s treasured in as much as until it gets released there are very few copies in existence. It's a personal copy that Ken gave to me when we’d done the restoration."

It is from here

Interesting stuff on films, particularly horror films

"Which country do you think produces the best horror films then?

It changes. For a long time Canada appeared to have the upper hand because of people like Cronenberg. Then, of course, there was the great Japanese wave followed very quickly by the Korean wave which in a way was always waiting to happen because of the explosive DVD market. Recently there’s been some very bizarre stuff coming out of France and Belgium. We’ve also recently seen Let The Right One In from Sweden which didn’t really have a horror tradition oddly enough. The horror tradition in Sweden is very, very low key because they don’t have the same demonic history as we do. I interviewed Max Von Sydow from The Exorcist and he said “you have to remember that I’m Swedish, I don’t believe in the Devil.” In Swedish mythology, the Devil is just a figure of fun, they just laugh at him so he could never quite understand what it was about The Exorcist that freaked people out so much..."