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Crave - concrete, paint and egg shells
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I haven't had the chance to see any production of Crave. I was wondering if any of you had, and if you remember how the staging of the play dealt with this scene:

B: It's very nice. will you make me one?
M: It's made of egg shells and concrete.
B: Will you make me one?
M: Concrete, paint and egg shells.
B: I didn't ask what it was made of I asked if you'd make me one.
M: Every time I have an egg I stick the shell on there and spray it.

In Sarah Kane's Complete Plays, p. 161.

It's a silly little thing, but I'm curious to see whether the director of the productions you saw decided to make up something in order to make this pseudo-conversation more or less referential, or whether it was left as another out-of-the-blue, indecipherable passage. :-)