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Re: Ken Russell on The Devils
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Part III
15. (Crowd noises.)

16. Well, that was a waste of time. In the clip, that was Part III, all you could make out was the sounds from the audience. The person who taped this, did he or she ever check to make sure that they were capturing anything besides the noises from the crowd?

Looking back at the other 2 parts . . .

17. One realizes, that while Ken would not die till the next year, one realizes from this, which was taped in 2010, that Ken was already ailing.

18. His voice is very weak, when you can hear it in the other 2 parts.

19. And from the questions that the audience asks, that you can hear, in the other 2 parts, one gains some empathy for anyone that has to interview a 3rd party, because the questions are really not that good.

20. Though, I can't think of any better questions to ask.

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Re: Ken Russell on The Devils
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Part II

10. Poorly taped, especially Ken's answers to the questions from the audience. Poorly heard, as I have to make use of a public library PAC to watch anything on the world wide web, and the PAC is hardly the best place to listen to something.

11. Q: His most complex film?
A: Next question.

12. Any regrets about films not made?
A: Apparently none, but his fans, and I am one, sure have some regrets that he did not make more films before he died.

13. What does he think of Fellini's work?
A: Unheard answer.

14. "Kitten for Hitler." Apparently, there is some sort of connection between this and his "The Devils" and the subject of censorship. Though, what it is, I have no idea, as the sound was so badly garbled.

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Ken Russell on The Devils
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2015, 12:23:43 AM »
01. We have heard what others thought of Ken's "The Devils." Now, we hear from the man himself.

02. In III parts, from the Q&A at Toronto's Bloor Cinema on August 29, 2014.

03. What is significant about this date is that it occurred after Ken's house in The New Forest was totally destroyed in a house fire. Mention of which is made in the Q&A session.

04. While the greatest loss was Ken's, we all lost, as so much of the material Ken had collected over the years for his films, was lost in the fire.

05. (Audience applause)

06. "The Devils" can never be duplicated, but . . .?! It'd be interesting to see how a different director would handle the material.

07. Oliver Reed's "unique" performance, according to Ken, should have earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, according to someone in the audience.

08. An audience member asks Ken about his views on reality, as his films show such a sense of "heightened reality," but his answer is so blurred, that I cannot understand what he is saying.

09. Ken's films may reflect an "heightened reality," but . . .?! If you look at his films, . . .

the events in . . .
the biographical films

the backstage scenes in . . .
"The Boyfriend"

the relationships in . . .
"The Lair of the White Worm"

They reflect real happenings in the real world.

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