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Wound, recommended by Ken
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2011, 12:11:21 AM »
David Blyth Talks Past, Present & Future Projects by Deth Banger, 14 Aug 2011

"Just last year you returned to directing and a return to the horror genre with another highly controversial film entitled Wound. The film deals with such subjects as mental illness and incest, how has the general reaction been to Wound?

Because of the subject matter and intense graphic approach the film has had both its fans and detractors. UK director, Ken Russell, described the film as a masterpiece.

Dealing with such a controversial film, I can imagine the censors was all over this, did they cut much from the DVD release?

There have been no cuts in New Zealand release, the German dvd had cuts around the castration, I’m not sure of UK censor status in regards to wound’s UK October 24 release."

Amazon describes the films as "WOUND is a Supernatural Horror Film that explores the dark worlds of mental illness, incest, revenge and death. We follow Tanya as she searches for the mother she has never met a mother (Susan) who gave her up for dead after being abused by her own father who remains stuck in her present life. Tanya returns from the dead to confront and possess Susan with all her deepest fears and desires, sending Susan into a state of madness and gore filled retribution. A dark, disturbing look into a haunted woman s mind. This is one terrible dream you will never wake up from."

You can pre-order it here