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Title: criticism research- hazel sheard
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hi everyone. I'm a 6th form student from near London who was introduced to Sarah Kane by a friend who was obsessed and a FANTASTIC production of 'Crave' that I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe this year that completely blew me away. I read her complete works, fell in love, and I need to be able to talk in detail about her for university interviews. I was wondering whether anyone had any ideas as to where I might find reviews from the first productions...on the net or wherever. I'm looking for critical essays on the nature of art as well, since I'm unlikely to be actually interviewed by someone who has read any Kane. However, they are likely to have heard of her due to the scandal 'Blasted' caused in 1995...anyone got any ideas?

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Title: Re: criticism research- del_bond
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Just a thought, if you are doing a drama or english course, chances are the person interviewing you will know a great deal about Sarah Kane - her work was on my syllabus at university.

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