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Posted by: malmo58
« on: August 24, 2009, 01:20:14 PM »

That sounds like a superbly original take on Crave, and completely in keeping with the spirit of Sarah's work generally. I just wish I were able to get up there to see it.
Posted by: Iain Fisher
« on: August 23, 2009, 03:38:08 AM »

I've added details of the Crave to the site here

The background to the production is:

“And I want to play hide and seek...” Four characters inhabit a desolate place, revealing a litany of love, rape, infidelity, loneliness and rejection. In this controversial play, the acclaimed Sarah Kane brutally confronts human desire and despair.  Sarah Kane has always been known for daring and controversial plays, and Crave is no exception. By dispensing with scenes, stage directions and even a linearly progressing plot, Kane leaves nothing to distract from the heart of this play – a brutal look into the hearts and minds of four individuals, overwhelmed by the circumstances of their lives. Kane asks us: why do we still crave the things that we want, even when we know that they will bring us pain?  In our interpretation of the play, we are taken into the lives of a broken, dysfunctional family. Characters A and M are the separated parents of C, with B being M’s somewhat rebounded toy-boy lover.

M is for Mother: a woman who is desperate for a child. She has been striving to distance herself from her husband and her own child, and caves something more ‘normal’.

A is for Addict: a man who struggles with his own paedophilic and abusive nature. He deeply regrets the violation of his daughter, and the consequent breakdown of his marriage with a woman whose affection he still craves. Will he find a way to suppress his less palatable side, or will he embrace it?

C is for Child: at first sight, she is a typically over-emotional young teen. Delve a little below the surface, however, and we find her to be genuinely troubled. Raped as a child, she later began pursuing a relationship with her own father in a desperate quest for affection. She loves both of her parents unconditionally, and is pained by M’s rejection of her.

B is for Boy: the boy who raped C when she was 6. Now 10 years on, he evades anyone who gets too close to his true thoughts and feelings. As he slowly realises how much he feels for M, however, he begins to try to seek a meaningful connection with her. But is it too late?

Seeking to be as true to Kane’s approach as possible, our production of Crave presents a new combination of four out of our eight actors every night, to prevent the actors from becoming too settled into their roles. By keeping them on their toes, the director hopes to find a rawness and honesty to every performance that faithfully communicates Kane’s message and ideas. It is also meant to emphasise the very point of coming to the theatre – each show is unique and cannot be repeated."
Posted by: Iain Fisher
« on: August 20, 2009, 06:00:15 PM »

Apologies, I couldn't find info on it.  If you send info I will include it on the site.

Best wishes

Posted by: James Greenhalgh
« on: August 20, 2009, 05:05:45 PM »

The other has not pulled out! I should know, I was on stage performing it earlier this week and will be on again tonight... May I ask where you got this information from?
Posted by: Iain Fisher
« on: August 18, 2009, 12:19:20 PM »

One Crave has pulled out [addition- no it hasn't, see below].  But the other is there:

The Royal Holloway Theatre Company present Crave at the Edinburgh Festival.  It is on from 5-31 Aug 2009 at the C Soco venue.

The actors are Lewis Alexander Collier (A), EJ Martin (M), Anna McKiernan (C) and Steve Wickenden (B).  The director is Tamsin Bell,  Asst Director Liam Fleming, Producer Ben Karakashian,  Asst Producer Sophie Hallwood, Stage Manager Julia Berndt, Deputy Stage Manager Hannah Debansi, Asst Stage Manager Lizzie Fisher, Lighting Designer Andrew Sinclair and Press Officer George Islay Calderwood..

More details are here
Posted by: Iain Fisher
« on: June 18, 2009, 02:48:03 PM »

The Edinburgh Festival seems to alternate between two or more productions of Crave, and two or more of 4.48 Psychosis.  This year it is Crave.  More details soon.