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hi i am an english(italian) student since i know of Sara Kane i had great feelings and now i am wrigting an essay about phaedra's love. i am very intresting and i am looking for a video tape or a chance to see same of her works. if anyone could help i would be glade for a conversation to guide me trough my intention.

Archive 18-12-2002

Simon, my sincerest apologies. I have tried to enter into discussions with the copyright owners and found them unwilling to explain the situation. If you wish to contact me, then post another message and I will send you my address. I assure you that I meant absolutely no insult to you or Sarah but am a huge admirer of her work and would not, out of respect for her and her work, go against her intended wishes. I posted this message in an attempt to find out the details and did not intend to offend. Thank you for replying so promptly, it is good to know that in visiting this site you are aware of how much of an impact her work has made.

Archive 12-1-2002

i am portuguese and there is a group here that owns the copyright of the portuguese broadcast of her plays. i would like to do 4:48 psychosis. is it legal to translate it myself? what do i need to do? thankz

Archive 3-1-2002

It can't be contested because it's true. I should know, I own the copyright in all the plays, including audiovisual rights.

I intend to write to you separately explaining this more fully, but I'm posting this here so nobody is in any doubt: Sarah didn't want it, and as long as I'm in control it will never happen.

Archive 15-11-2001

I am currently in discussion with agents over copyright for a non-public production of Crave for a dissertation thesis showing how the poetry of Crave's work should encourage more work like this for the medium of radio theatre. I use the term 'discussion' very lightly as, at present, I am being stopped point-blank at entering into discussions over this plan as apparently Kane refused the rights for her work to be produced in any medium other than theatre. If anyone knows of any ways in which this information can be contested or at least brought to discussion I would really appreciate the reply. Many thanks.

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