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They Never Did Get Her- Jamie


Very interesting Jamie, don't get me started on journalists or the discussion group's built-in censor will go into meltdown! I always saw 4.48 as a piece of cathartic writing, just like all Sarah's work. As with Crave, she used the most beautiful poetry, laced with black humour and genuine heartache, to express her intense emotions of despair and longing for love; also this time she needed to exorcise the demons of her clinical depression. We'll never know when her mind was fully made up, but I think she was still slipping in and out of suicidal thoughts right up to the 17 Feb pill attempt - only then had she reached the point of no return. So no, it wasn't a goodbye/suicide note, just another (brilliant) Sarah Kane play.


Archive 4-3-2001

Recently I worked with Jenette Smith who had assistant directed 4:48 at the Royal Court. It was interesting to hear that on the opening night of 4:48 after the production all the journalists came together in the bar. The discussiong: What Exactly Was It About? None of them wanted to say a bad thing - did they understand wonders. Well apparently their joint conclusion and even now the most popular choice - 'a 70 minute suiside note'. Shows how much journalists know ... for me the play is enriching and doesnt have a sense of finality but a forward movement... What are your views? I can't believe that Sarah would write such an emotional and poetical piece of work just to say goodbye...

Archive 4-3-2001


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