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Dear Laura

I am a devoted enthusiast of Sarah and love discussing her work. Please e-mail me any time at thebardofe15 at hotmail dot com.


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hey guys,

my name is Laura. I am a 18-year-old German girl and hopefully a future playwright.
About two years ago I have heard about Sarah Kane and forgot it quite soon.
But one day the name suddenly appeard infront of my eyes again and I started to inform myself.
I really love her plays and her work at all but for me that is not enough.
In August I got the chance to see one of her plays in London - 4.48 pyschosis in The Young Vic Theatre.
I have never seen one of her plays in Germany before but I read all of them.

The reason I am telling you something about me is I want to find someone loving Sarah's plays as I do, someone who is willing to discuss about her plays in-depth way and someone who want to take part of a pen pal - relationship with me.

If you are interessted just tell me.
regards, laura