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Nick Jones:
Supposedly, the US DVD release of Trapped Ashes has a longer cut of Ken's segment. Has anyone seen it?

Nick Jones:
I haven't seen the whole film, so I can't speak to the overall quality of it, but I have seen Ken's segment (of course!) Sadly, while it started out well, it soon devolved into pure silliness and camp. Two years of hope, disappointed!

Iain Fisher:
I just saw Trapped Ashes.  It is made up of a number of short films, each by a different director, bound together by the "a bunch of strangers who are trapped together and tell each other horror stories" device.

All the stories are poor, in writing, direction and acting.  Overall I found it difficult to watch, not because of the horror, of which there is little, but just because of boredom and I kept thinking of other things.

Ken's segment, The Girl with the Golden Breasts, is bland.  It shows none of Ken's talent and does show his inability to direct action or plot driven movie.  No brave images, no interesting camera work, instead poor editing and camera positioning.

The script for all films was by Dennis Bartok who has virtually no previous film experience.  An example of Ken being hampered when he is not given enough freedom, just as too much freedom can also cause problems.

What did you think?


Iain Fisher:
PS what did you think of Kitten?  I thought it had some charm.


Iain Fisher:
Hi Ray,

I am still waiting for my copy from Amazon Germany

I am hoping it will be a minor gem, but I fear not...



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