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Ken on BBC1 Breakfast Show tomorrow (Tuesday)


Iain Fisher:
More stuff I forgot.

He mentioned Big Brother and says he was promised hundreds of thousands of pounds for appearing (usual Ken exaggeration here I suspect) but because he left early received hardly anything-"tens of hundreds of pounds" as Ken said.

Iain Fisher:
Ken was on for a very short time with a very general interview- at the end he asked "is that all?".

He was there to plug A British Picture.  He talked a bit about Huw Wheldon and the interviewers pointed out that the new chapter covering the twenty years since the previous edition of the book is very short (two years a page they said).

Ken mentioned Boedica Bites Back which he said was "my latest film" but didn't give any details of whether it was finished or how it would be distributed.

And he managed to swear (bugger) on morning television.


Iain Fisher:
Ken will be appearing on the BBC1 Breakfast Show tomorrow.  I hope to catch it, if so I'll let you know what he said, for the benefit of those not in the UK.



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