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Valentino re-released for region 2


Just checked out the Optimum disc of Valentino. It's in the original aspect ratio with good quality picture. Alas, there are no extras.
Still, worth it to have another of Russell's films in good condition.

Iain Fisher:
Good that it is available again, but a commentary and other extras would have been nice.


Valentino released today. According to Optimum's web page, the film is in it's original aspect ratio, although the sole extra appears to be
the theatrical trailer.

It appears that Optiumum Home Entertainment will re-release Ken Russell's 'Valentino' for DVD on September 1, 2008.

This is a region2 disc. You can also check out the link at Amazon here.

There was a previous DVD edition of Valentino (I think it came out in 2002), but it was a cropped 4:3 image with some really bad pixelation during the boxing sequence. I'm not sure if this DVD is in the correct aspect ratio (the lower price suggests otherwise).

Either way, the title's been hard to find for a while now. Here's hoping for The Music Lovers, Savage Messiah, The Devils, et al.


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