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Hi there

I'm trying to get a copy of the Ken Russell directed Monitor episode 'Pop Goes the Easel' and wondered if you knew of its existence anywhere. I missed it the other night on BBC 4 and now it doesn't seem to be on BBC i player.  I'm an artist and would like a copy for research.

Any pointers would be very helpful


Nick Jones:
The BBC America Shop now shows no listing for The Dance of the Seven Veils under "Episodes". No reason for me to buy it now; I've seen, taped, or own everything except for Always on Sunday (no interest, really), The Debussy Film, and, of course, Dance.

Iain Fisher:

--- Quote ---Netflix, the US online DVD rental service, shows a disk available with Song of Summer and Dance of the Seven Veils. It also lists 65 ratings for a total of 1.7 stars (out of five). Since this was released just today, I think someone(s) is slagging the disk on Russell's name alone.
--- End quote ---

I've noticed things like this before- strange how some people who know virtually none of Ken's work still slag him off.

Iain Fisher:
Despite the disappointment on Dance of the Seven Veils the good news is that more of Ken's work is on DVD.  My copy of The Debussy Film was a copy of a damaged film, so no sound for the first 10 minutes, and Isadora was in fog.  Looking forward to seeing clean images of them.

According to BBC America, Dance of the Seven Veils was pulled just before release due to rights issues (it must have been
just before because there's a still from Dance of the Seven Veils on the cover art!) Of course, they didn't
elaborate just what those rights were. Most likely it's a question of the specific recordings of Strauss used on the soundtrack as
well as the licensing of the music in the first place.

Still, it's nice to have The Debussy Film and Isadora in any form on DVD and the transfers look good!

Maybe some day...we'll see Dance of the Seven Veils...The Music Lovers...Savage Messiah...The Boy Friend...Lisztomania...Whore...The Devils(?) on DVD.


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