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Tesla and Katherine


Iain Fisher:

The film seemed promising and the subject would suit Ken- even his changed title Charged has the right level of ambiguity.  I also got lots of people mailing me for details of the films, so it is a suibject that interests people.

But the film never got the funding it needed.  I think the Bowie film will have also reduced the chances of funding- backers will not want to fund a second film on Tesla so shortly after the first, especially if the first one was not a commerial success.

A pity.  Lets hope Moll Flanders gets going.


Hi, I was wondering what is going on wit this movie. I just started to research Tesla and thought how great a movie Tesla's life would be. David bowie's portrayal of him in The Prestige turned me on to Tesla and I started doing research on him. Waaaay interesting!! Let me know!!


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