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Ken receives "Maverick Award" in Croatia!


Iain Fisher:
I remember he received a lifttime achievement award from a Turkish Film Festival, and within a couple of months the trophy he received was on ebay.

Here's what ken thinks of the award:

Iain Fisher:
Sounds an interesting festival, and I like maverick as a description of Ken's work.


watch here:

and an interview of sorts here:"

Ken Russel and Estrellita awarded
August 1, 2008

Our humble festival made a great new friend: recieving the first Motovun Maverick award yesterday, Ken Russell promised he would be back next year with a finished adaptation of Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders he is about to begin shooting on Cratian locations. He also offered a great solution for people who are scared of disapointment when meeting their heroes, introducing himself as Ken Russell's twin brother. He was especially impressed with the festival trailer, which was made by Dalibor Bari?.
The other award of the evening went to Metod Pevec, who left Motovun earlier that afternoon. The first jury to complete its work at this year's festival was the one assigned by Amnesty International. They decided that Estrellita speaks of prejudice, not judging those who hold it but rather trying to understand their actions, meeting the key criteria for the Amnesty International Award. 
Rade Šerbedžija came from Brijuni to present Jeremy Podeswa's Fugitive Pieces. Earlier in the evening, the grand final of Vip Motovun quiz was resolved, and the only question left unresolved was whether to spend the after hours listening to Virtuoso of Yakutia, smelling the Odorama cards of Polyester, or indulging the nine-hour Death In The Land Of Encantos, the screening of which is expected to end today at 11 AM. 



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