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Salome's Last Dance

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Iain Fisher:
If I try to play the link I get a message that it is no longer available.

I agree it is a superb film.  I like the Melies influenced scenery and especially Imogen Millais Scott's performance.  I can play my DVD of it time and again.  It shows what the later Ken can do if he is given a proper budget and tackles his own choice of subject.

It is also a subject with three masterpieces in different genres: Richard Strauss' opera Salome, Steven Berkoff's version of Oscar Wilde's play and of course Ken's film.  If I owned a venue I would do a whole day with all three of them!!

Nick Jones:
For those who haven't seen Salome's Last Dance, especially those who can't play Region 2 DVDs, it can be seen here:

I haven't seen it in about twenty years; it's actually better than I remember it. :)


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