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Steven Berkoff film late 2000s


The list of minor films continues, with only occasional interest, and Berkoff treating the roles as salary earners.  His real work now is solely on stage and in print.

Say it in Russian Say it in Russian

More Russian Berkoff in another Russian mafia film, this one with a love story.  Berkoff plays Oleg Rozhin.  Jeff Celentano directs.  2007.

Steven Berkoff in Say it in Russian

Ved verdens ende / At World's End At World's End

A Danish comedy, Ved verdens ende, directed by Tomas Villum Jensen.  2009.  The first photo shows Berkoff from the film and the second on the set.

Steven Berkoff in At Worlds End

Berkoff on the set of At Worlds End

The Cottage The Cottage

How bad can a film be?  This is a horror comedy without horror or comedy.  The script is about some inept kidnappers, but the film is actually about inept direction (Paul Andrew William- he also did the inept script), inept photography (Christopher Ross), editing (Tom Hemmings) and location (Siam Sutherland)- the film seems to be filmed in someone's large garden.  And the acting is abysmal, with the exception of Jennifer Ellison who manages to create a character.  Probably the people who did the best work were electrician and generator operator Simon Marsh and catering by Abbey Catering/ Peter Scholes/ Francesa Cooper/ Jake Cieslek.

I have seen the film and the outtakes.  I still have to enjoy the commentary, the making of the film and the Easter eggs.  Life has so much in store for me.

The Cottage  Berkoff- The Cottage
The publicity machine couldn't work out what the film was either.

Steven Berkoff (not) in The Cottage

Berkoff appears for seconds in a non-speaking role after the end credits for a final twist in the plot.  In a very short deleted scene he does speak.  He must be so happy he didn't appear more in the film.

44 inch chest 44 Inch Chest

A range of actors including Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, John Hurt and Stephen Dillane.  The script is by the writers of Sexy Beast.  Berkoff also appeared with McShane in War and Remembrance.  44 Inch Chest is directed by Malcolm Venville in 2009.  The title doesn't refer to the physical size of the characters, but to a cupboard someone is kept in, and this chest is 44 inches wide.

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