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Funny you bring this up.  I dusted off my old VHS copy (which ended up looking pretty good, I must say) and had a watch (it had been years).  I enjoyed it too!  Lots of what I think you would call "bold imagery" (more than several nods to Fellini) and fun and rock n roll and Ringo Starr is hilarious.  My girlfriend could hardly contain herself (she loves "Tommy").  Historically, it appears that perhaps "Listzomania" was the film that Ken wanted to make BEFORE "Tommy", but didn't have the resources.  But after the success of "Tommy", there was no holding Ken back!  Bottom line:  I think the film holds up well.  But I am SURE there are many others who would disagree violently!   Glad to see this forum up and running!  Michael Thomas Roe.
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I cound manage to find an old vhs of this strange masterpiece (and of Valentino) in a Hungarian video store. I've made a copy for myself the same day and watched it. It's the craziest film I've ever seen. Ringo Starr is hilarious as the pope and the final musical number "Peace At Last" (sung by Daltrey) has become a favourite of mine immediately. I really enjoyed this hysterical and bizarre comedy. Wasn't the whole crew and cast completly stoned during the shooting? I only wonder...
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