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Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: Lady Chatterley
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on October 04, 2018, 10:17:46 PM »
Well, how was it? And how faithful was it to D. H. Lawrence's novel?

As part of the course on D. H. Lawrence in college, we read his Lady Chatterley's Lover, but, I have never seen any of the adaptations onto film. Not even Ken's.

Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: It's the Little Things--in LOTWW--That Count
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on October 04, 2018, 10:13:32 PM »
1. Bed site light next to James' bed. Note that it is in the shape of a sexual object.

2. Bust in the hallway. It is not that of the Rebel Roman Emperor. It is probably that of the 1st Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar.

3. Candles. How many times does the power go out at D'ampton Manor? Not only a bed site light by James' bed, but also candles. Or, is James a belt and braces man?

4. Earrings. Sylvia, when in James' dream sequence on the plane, changes her earrings from what she was wearing to something more similar to what Eve and Mary are wearing.

To be continued . . .
Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Lady Chatterley
« Last post by Iain Fisher on September 29, 2018, 09:49:33 PM »
Just noticed but Ken's Lady Chatterley is on TV now (!!!!), on the Drama channel.
Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: It's the Little Things--in LOTWW--That Count
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on September 25, 2018, 05:29:53 PM »
Eve and Mary, Amanda and Ken

Eve and Mary
1. He has always been confused in the scene where both Eve and Mary are flight attendant--till now. Mary is the 1st one seen wearing a flight attendant uniform, and then we have Eve in a flight attendant uniform.

Amanda and Ken
1. Even with the sound muted, Amanda turns in a tour de force performance as Sylvia in the film, especially in her scenes with James.
2. Which shows that Ken can get a performance out of the unlikeliest actors, such as Amanda. Which is why Lisztomania is such a disappointment, as of all this films to date that I have seen, I consider that to be the one with the worst acting.

As a side note . . .
The scene with Lady Proxima, the Grandalid, in Solo : a Star Wars Story is inspired in part by both the book and the film "Lair of the White Worm."

Next time: a miscellany of observations.
Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: It's the Little Things--in LOTWW--That Count
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on September 22, 2018, 06:37:05 PM »
We have found another full length version of Lair of the White Worm on the internet. It is Le Repaire du Ver Blanc, and while it is in French, we are interested in the visual aspects of the film, which are the same as the English version, so that it does not manner that it is in French.

What these will cover is from 30 minutes into the film or about one third of the way thru to about 46 minutes into the film or about half way thru.

1. Note that ere she kisses James, her tongue makes a flickering motion like a snake does.

1. All the locals must eat a lot of carrots, as he is the only one who lives in the area that is seen to be wearing glasses and then not all the time, and as for the style of glasses, he wears, they are called pince nez.

1. Has he ever received a better kiss on-screen or off? Having seen most of the actor's appearances on film and on TV, not on-screen. Though, there are some actresses who will not kiss such an young co-star, as they consider it to be perverse.
2. Viewers have noted that he closes his eyes, when Sylvia pushes his head under the bathwater with her foot, which should be impossible now that she has bitten and paralyzed him with her bite, but, there is a moment ere this that should also be impossible. Note that in this moment, his eyes move upward and to the right, as if he is looking at something, which should also be impossible, now that she has bitten and paralyzed him with her bite.

1. No question as to why he is wearing a RAF uniform in the film, as that is an in-joke from the director, who was in the RAF. The question is why he is wearing it in that scene, when he 1st meets Sylvia at Temple House? Just coming back from a RAF reunion?
2. When he enters the painting at D'Ampton Manor in his dream, note that he looks back to where he was sleeping, but he has disappeared from the bed, where he was sleeping.

Next time: Eve and Mary, Amanda and Ken
Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: It's the Little Things--in LOTWW--That Count
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on September 08, 2018, 07:22:50 PM »
20. Accents
Sylvia (posh)
Peters (unknown)
Mary (local)
Kevin (London)
James (posh)
Eve (local)
Erny (unknown)
Angus (Scottish)

And that's that from Uncle Scary. We are now about a half hour into the film or one third of the film. We'll have to see whether we can find another copy of the film on the internet, so we can continue to mute the sound and  concentrate on the film's visuals.
Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: It's the Little Things--in LOTWW--That Count
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on September 01, 2018, 05:06:18 PM »
16. Eat 'n' drink
Within the 1st half hour of the film, there are a half dozen instances of people either eating and/or drinking.

17. Dice
Loaded. Since double 6s or boxcars is one of the hardest throws to make, which Sylvia then makes, it is possible that she is playing with loaded dice. Then changing them out for regular dice, when Kevin throws.

18. CD
People have actually tried to figure out what was on the CD that Sylvia was going to put into the player, ere Kevin took out his mouth organ or harmonica and began playing. The best guess is something jazzy played on a saxophone.

And here Sylvia is up to date, as the CD was not introduced to 1982, or only 6 years, ere this film supposedly occurs.

19. Automobile
The car that Sylvia drives in the film is a '60s model, or some 3 decades old ere the film takes place. And while no major changes were made to that model during that decade, there were some minor changes made. Thus, if one is more familiar with those changes than I, one can date the year of the car to a specific year within the '60s.

To be continued . . .

Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: It's the Little Things--in LOTWW--That Count
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on August 26, 2018, 10:54:48 PM »
11. The hole
We know it is about 6' by 6' by 6' or almost 216 square feet to uncover the mosaic at the bottom of the hole. So, where is all the dirt that was removed go?

12. Game board
Snakes 'n' Ladders is a game of luck and not skill, but the way the board is the film is configured, even some of the luck to win is removed, if you get a double 6s like Sylvia.

13. Flower
The flowers that bloom in the spring. Tra La. I can't remember the name of the flower that Sylvia wears on her coat lapel, but it is one of the 1st flowers to bloom, when it is spring.

14. Food
Has the food at the buffet table at the party ever been presented more unattractively. And for someplace that is not on the sea, there is a surprising amount of seafood offered.

15. Door
Some film viewers are surprised that the front door to Mercy Farm is unlocked. That may because they do not live in a rural area. My relatives who live here in a rural area in the U.S. Always use to live their doors unlocked. And if a friend or neighbor happened by and wanted something, they just walk right in and help themselves.

To be continued . . .
Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Lindsay Kemp dies
« Last post by Iain Fisher on August 25, 2018, 05:16:28 PM »
Sadly choreographer and actor Lindsay Kemp has died.

He danced and choreographed with his own company- I saw them and Lindsay was a very subtle dancer.

For Ken he appeared in Valentino (in the funeral parlour scene) and Savage Messiah (as Korky).  He also acted for Derek Jarman, and appeared in cult film The Wicker Man.

Further he taught Kate Bush to dance, and worked with David Bowie in his Ziggy phase.

Savage Messiah: Ken Russell / Re: Glenda Jackson
« Last post by BoyScoutKevin on August 21, 2018, 08:59:52 PM »
Glenda will appear on a British postage stamp.  The series of stamps is to honour the Old Vic theatre, and features a variety of actors in roles they played in the theatre.  Glenda will be on the stamp playing King Lear.

Others in the series are Judi Dench, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Albert Finney, John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson.

It is nice to be honored. More so while one is still living, so one can appreciate it more. Of the people to be shown on the stamps: Dench, Finney, Jackson, and Smith are still with us, while Gielgud, Olivier, and Richardson are no longer with us.
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