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Ken & Uri Geller


I've had the pleasure of meeting Uri Geller
I'm not really sure about his psychic powers but he is a very charismatic and friendly chap I've met, a real gentleman

I asked him a lot about the film as I was curious. He told me had asked for Ken to direct specifically as he was a big fan of his films in the 70s especially Tommy IIRC. Although He had originally wanted Nic Roeg with David Bowie in the Terrence Stamp role . He like the finished film a lot and talked about it enthusiastically but couldn't understand the occassional moments of unpleasantness like the needle through the finger. He also had reservations about how Ken was drinking a bottle of wine a day and he felt this affected the film.

He asked for my address and later sent me a signed copy of the video-like I say a real gentleman

I've always felt that for late Russell (which can be just awful) it's rather good but these prior events probably affect me.

Iain Fisher:
Uri Geller seems to have lots of show-biz friends, so I don't know if he and Ken were friends.  But the film does seem like a vanity film, very crudely glamorising Uri.  There are a few good images, but overall it is a very boring film with poor acting, script and direction.

And it does end with the real Uri (as distinct from the actor) trying to do one of his tricks to the viewer- it didn't work for me.


Here, in Hungary, Uri Geller's atrocious fake-paranormal show (in which he's looking for the "best" of his fellow-mentalists) runs on television since March. Ken's Mindbender was broadcasted a few nights ago (unfortunately, i missed it), but I've heard that it was a reather dull propaganda film with few artistic merits. Was Ken hired to make it or is he a fan of Geller? I hope he's not one...


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