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The Music Lovers on DVD?

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I have a few of Ken's films on laser disc too, including The Music Lovers.  That's at the top of my dvd wish list.  I'll look into my copy of Song of Summer to see if I have the Laurel and Hardy intro.  Is that the bit where Fenby is playing the piano in the cinema?  If so you are in luck and I can send you a copy.

I've always wanted a copy of Dance of the Seven Veils, I've never had the chance to see that one.

How lucky you are to own these masterpieces on laserdisc... Would you make a copy of the two films for me?


--- Quote from: richmond74 on February 09, 2008, 10:18:10 AM ---Hi,

Does anyone know of any plans to release The Music Lovers on DVD?

I know this adds to a a long wish-list for Russell films on DVD, but it's absence from the market is perplexing, given the amount of minor releases now available elsewhere on DVD.

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I'm glad I still have my MGM laserdisc of THE MUSIC LOVERS, along with their disc of THE BOYFRIEND. I watched both of these again last week. And both films are great showcases for "SONG OF SUMMER" stars Max Adrian and Christopher Gable

Iain Fisher:
My great regret was throwing away my video of Song of Summer when I got the DVD.  Because later I remembered the video included the initial Laurel and Hardy sequence, a superb opening to the film, which is not on the DVD for copyright reasons.

If anyone has a copy of the video with the Laurel and Hardy segment I am interested!!

Also strange that Laurel and Hardy is still copyright.


I have a renegade copy of this from the laserdisc that I found online. The quality isn't too bad. With a little searching, you can find Lisztomania in the same form as well, it's one of the best quality-wise. The sound is stereo as well for it, and I think "The Boyfriend" from laserdisc was stereo--at least it sounds it. Image isn't perfect, but beats the pan-and-scan on VHS. "Savage Messiah" is also out there...somewhere. I cannot attest to the quality of that one. Also, I have a so-so copy of "Dante's Inferno" from a 1989 NTSC-VHS copy, and a pristine, fine-grain 16mm television print of "Isadora Duncan" (1966). It's quite a film, the moment when Ken appeared to make that great leap into the bizarre and surreal in the documentaries. The print is very good, on what appears to be plastic AFGA safety film, so it shows no decomposition. Some scratches, yes, but both reels appear OK.


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