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new Tony Blair play: Albion has fallen


Iain Fisher:
Berkoff seems to be working on a new play, provisionally called Albion has fallen, about former British prime minister Tony Blair and wife Cherie.

Oliver Duff reports in The Independent on 12 Apr 2007:

"...Steven Berkoff, left- a Labour supporter [Iain: this is out of date, he no longer is]- has penned a dark comedy about the implosion of Tony Blair's premiership.
The curtain rises on an agitated Cherie and Tony, upset by criticism of her hairdressing expenses. Cherie, in verse: "Like Boadicea I must seem the sunlight's sparkling little glints upon my new-oiled precious curls. That's worth a mere 250+ a day my darling don't you think? How the filthy British press can't wait to make their rancid stink."

Tony agrees: "Like we should live like monks, or purer and wear a loincloth round our limbs."
Cherie: "Take care, we're in the stinking public eye, a great big bloody bulging orb that sits above a filthy yelping mouth that just can't wait to squeal and shout. So have a care: be subtle when you claim - those dodgy expenses - play the game."

Duff says the script is an early draft.  The short article is here;col1


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