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Berkoff one-off advert


Iain Fisher:
The advert got a LOT of publicity featuring in news broadcast and features programmes.  There were also short adverts of famous British people (such as David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party) saying "I'll be watching it".

The British Heart Foundation also had a countdown clock for the advert, which was shown once only.

In the advert a man is in a chair.  Berkoff comes in and punches him hard in the chest, to show the pain an attack can bring.  He continues demonstrating the sort of symptoms on the victim.

A good effective advert.  With its once-only showing it got a lot of publicity, much more than if it had run for a few weeks.

Didn't Berkoff also do the voiceover for a McDonalds advert a while ago?


Iain Fisher:
Steven Berkoff does a unique advert for the British Heart Foundation.  In the advert he simulates a heart attack, to dispel the usual myth of "clutch your chest and fall on the ground" when a heart attack occurs.  Uniquely the full length advert will be shown once-off only.

There is an interview with Steven about this here:

In the interview when asked if he suffered from heart problems he answers "not recently".  He is also honest in saying the advert is primarily work for him as a jobbing actor.

The advert is shown on British ITV1 on Sunday10 Aug 2008 at 21:17, during Midsomer Murders.


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