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Re: Bond's Bingo with Patrick Stewart
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From a review of the production by Susannah Clapp in The Observer, 2 May 2010

"The subject of Edward Bond's 1972 play reveals himself slowly in Angus Jackson's subtle, brooding production of Edward Bond's Bingo..."

"This is Shakespeare, but not as we know him... This dramatist is sunk in his own gloom... Two years before Bingo, Bond had written his own version of King Lear, and the ghost of that tragedy hovers over this play, which features the reapportioning of land, the wrangle over an inheritance, the decay of a patriarch, and a pair of shrews hanging around a man whose strength is waning."

"Bingo doesn't so much develop as accumulate. Bond points to an episodic quality in his subtitle, "scenes of money and death", though that acknowledgment doesn't let him off the hook: his picture of Shakespeare's England has local vivacity but not much dynamism. What Bond puts on stage is some of the material that Shakespeare left out: common land is being enclosed (Bond suggests that the dramatist signed up to this), bears are being baited, vagrant women are strung up. What he doesn't show is a dramatist who is likeable, or particularly lively... the picture of a man who has emptied all his spirit into his characters."

"Bond's pen lifts off as [Ben] Jonson grumbles to his pal: "Your recent stuff's been pretty peculiar. What's The Winter's Tale about?"... In this scene, Bingo really is a premium Bond, worthy of Jonathan Church's enterprising, resurgent Chichester.

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Bond's Bingo with Patrick Stewart
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2010, 09:00:42 PM »
The Chichester Festival presents Edward Bond's Bingo from 15 Apr to 22 May 2010.

The actors are Patrick Stewart, Catherine Cusack,  Richard McCabe  and Jason Watkins.

Details are here Details are here
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