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Play-reading of Saved by Edward Bond


Iain Fisher:
Saved and Bond were of course major influences on Sarah Kane, particularly Blasted.

Kane is now regularly performed, Bond is now in a limbo in Britain.  The limbo seems to happen regularly, look at Fugard who post apartheid stopped being performed in major venues, but is now on his way back with major revivals.  I hope the same will happen with Bond.

Iain Fisher:
Imperial Production have a play-reading of Saved by Edward Bond.  It is on at 12 Feb 2009 at St. Gabriel's Halls, Pimlico, London.

They describe it as "Saved is an almighty play.

It was written and first presented in 1965 under 'private club' auspices after the Lord Chamberlain demanded that the famous scene, in which a baby is stoned to death, be re-written. Saved is a bleak outlook of the struggles of the working class in 1960s London. It is a seminal text of 20th century British drama and demands to be read!"

Details are here:


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