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Pinter's Landscape and The Examination on the radio/Internet


Iain Fisher:
It is online for a week

Iain Fisher:
As a tribute to Pinter, BBC Radio 4 is repeating Landscape with Pinter acting.  It is on tonight 2 January 2009 at 21:00 British time.  You can hear it on Internet

It will probably also be available on-line for a week.


Iain Fisher:
On Thursday 8 May 2008 the BBC broadcast two Pinter plays on BBC Radio 4:


A man and a woman are locked in their separate memories. He recounts his recent visit to a scruffy park and pub, whereas she's in a world of deep recollection. This play is performed for the first time by the author.
Duff ...... Harold Pinter
Beth ...... Penelope Wilton

The Examination

A man about to be questioned musters his mental resources to empower himself over his interrogator.

Man ...... Michael Gambon.

Producer director Peter Kavanagh."

They are also available for a week via Internet

Pinter and Gambon!!!  Can't wait.



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