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Berkoff and politics


Iain Fisher:
The First post of 3 July 2008 has an article on Berkoff meeting Conservative leader David Cameron,1124,berkoff-dotes-on-lsquoelegant-cameron,33760

--- Quote ---... Steven Berkoff... has offered his wholehearted support for the Tory leader David Cameron in a sycophantic, almost nausea-inducing article in this week's Spectator. "I have admired him greatly since he made one of the most outstanding speeches to the nation that I have ever heard from the mouth of a politician," he writes, before revealing his first encounter with Cameron was at a party thrown by the Spectator.

"He looks a model of composure, cool elegant and relaxed and is accompanied by his lovely wife, no doubt freshly exhilarated after his weekly thrashing of Gordon Brown's ample backside. I introduce myself – 'I am Steven B…', but he cuts me off and gallantly fibs, 'Of course I know who you are.' Oh, how charming he is… I then deliver my oratorio briefly summing up my admiration for the now famous speech and how as an actor I could admire it all the more for the delivery."

Berkoff goes on: "He seemed to accept my slightly oily hyperboles with gracious charm and confessed to me that during his turbulent youth he had even entertained the idea of trying for the acting profession. Pride now puffed into my cheeks - Mr Cameron even had the manners to enquire what I was up to. I was glad to meet old friends and even make a new one who will be, barring accidents, the next prime minister of the country."
--- End quote ---

Steven seems to be continuing his swing to the right, a long way from the angry Berkoff who wrote Sink the Belgrano! .



Iain Fisher:
And another quote, not on politics but traffic wardens, showing Berkoff's typical understatement

"Steven Berkoff is the latest star of London's theatreland to regale against the capital's notorious traffic wardens. In a letter to yesterday's Evening Standard, the steely-eyed former Bond villain has accused Hackney Council of running a racket comparable to the days of the Kray twins.

"My car was towed away behind the Hackney Empire where I thought I could legally park," he writes. "At the pound I produced my keys, driving licence, credit cards and congestion zone card. I was refused the car because I didn't have my insurance documents and logbook with me.

"It was safer under the Krays; at least you knew they were lawless."

From an article by Henry Deedes in The Independent, 12 July 2007.


Iain Fisher:
More politics from Steven, who is of course Jewish:

"The establishment of Israel was one of the greatest miracles of the 20th century. It is tragic that Palestinians have been displaced, and that has never been the intention of the Jewish population or the immigrants. It is rather more tragic that Arabic leaders declared war at its birth."

It is from an article by Donald Macintyre in The Independent on 8 May 2008.


Iain Fisher:
Steven Berkoff has recently announced support for Conservative leader David Cameron

This ends his long support of the Labour Party.  Steven says "I'm just fed up with all the lies. I think Brown is a fraud. I like the cut of David Cameron's jib."



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