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Berkoff:The Catholic Church must apologise to Jews for its sins


Iain Fisher:
An article by Steven in The Jewish Chronicle, 8 Sept 2022.

"As heartfelt public apologies are made for the crimes of slavery, it would be very welcome if the Catholic Church said sorry for the hideous atrocities perpetrated against the Jews".

"There is very little understanding of the blood libel, a filthy lie promulgated largely by the Catholic church. And there is also an unfortunate ignorance of Jewish ritual and Jewish law. We actually get rid of blood. The idea that Jews are obsessed with it was a projection of their own narrow-minded interpretation… In the following century, having milked the Jews for years, Edward I expelled them. And it was in England, of course, where Jews first had to suffer the ignominy of wearing a badge of identification”.

The full article is here


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