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Iain Fisher:
From a blog by Chris Boyd in Australia, 27 May 2006

"I’ve just stumbled on a wonderfully intimate piece on Athol Fugard and his first-time novelist daughter Lisa in the April 9 edition of the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine. The article is edited from interviews by Ann McFerran.
When I was a little girl, my dad was my best friend and my playmate. He was an extraordinarily passionate man with a great, huge black bushy beard. I remember the mystery of going into his study: how big he was, how small I was, and what the room smelt like. I was very aware that this was his world. Things were really happy in there, and I wanted a place like that too.

I returned one day to find a note pinned to the door: “I’ve taken the dogs and I’ve run away for good. Love Lisa.” Underneath was a postscript: “You’d better find me quick or I’ll be very cross!”

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