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Re: Ken Russell in Print
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Continuing . . .

Joseph Lanza
Phallic Frenzy

Ken apparently experienced--personally--conflicts between the horrorific and the erotic, the neurotic and the visionary, the puerile and the profound. Just like in his "Lair of the White Worm" and his other films.

Maybe because he was so often a victim of sexual molestation. If what is said was true, then there was the man on the bicycle who flashed him. The Afro-American serviceman who flashed him in the forest. And the man sitting next to him, who fondled him, while they were watching Pinocchio in the theater.

While the subjects in Women in Love would be dealt with by Ken in his later films. It is considered one of his tamer films by some critics.

As for Valentino, Ken's opinion of his film have ranged from ambivalence to disdain.

When he attended the Royal Naval College in Pangbourne in 1941, the other cadets often accused him of having b.o. Like the boy scout in Lair of the White Worm, who is also accused of having b.o. by the villainess in the film, who then drowns him in her tub. Though, as far as we know, Ken was never drowned while taking a bath in the tub by the other cadets.

To be continued . . .

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Ken Russell in Print
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We have seen Ken in film. We have seen Ken on TV. Now, see him in print.

Richard Crouse
Raising Hell :
Ken Russell and the Unmaking of The Devils

At least in one interview, he denied that The Devils was a horror film. If so, he'd be the only one.

The writer describes Ken Russell as . . .
--slightly cantankerous
Just like his movies.

It is hard to believe, but come this year's November, Ken will have been gone 6 years.

To be continued . . .