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Podcast on The Devils


Iain Fisher:
Dudley Sutton who played Baron De Laubardemont with good some short anecdotes on working on The Devils, including Fellini mentioning The Devils when he started working in Fellini's Casanova.

Sutton's other work with Ken includes Valentino and The Rainbow.  Recently he appeared with Steven Berkoff in Tell Tale Heart in 2019.

The link is here

Iain Fisher:
Oliver Reed on The Devils, a few minutes from a Parkinson interview.  He says that neither he or Ken were ever paid for the film

Iain Fisher:
The Losers' Club: A Stephen King Podcast presents a 30 minute discussion with Gretchen Felker-Martin on The Devils "A story about human fragility and the beauty of human frailty".

Good to hear people genuinely appreciating the film- like an idiosyncratic discussion between friends.

More details are here


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